Commercial Printing Singapore


We provide fine quality book binding service that includes hardcover binding, tape binding, wire-O
binding, ring-binding, perfect binding, etc.


At The Central Industries, we offer hard cover thread-sewn book binding which is mainly used in book
production that requires more durability. Hard cover thread-sewn binding can cater to various thickness of the book as requested by customer

We provide book binding services to:
educational institutions, corporations as well as individuals.

All Types Of Hardcover Book Binding Services

Screw-Binder (One Layer Hardcover)

Screw-Binder (Double Layer Hardcover)

Customised Boxes

Customised Paper Folders

Food Carrier Boxes

Paper Bags

Rubber Stamp

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Looking for commercial printing in Singapore? With the latest technology, we can provide you with the best quality printing. The Central Industries has years of experience and a trained team to deliver you the highest quality quickly. We print everything commercial a business needs, from customized boxes, food carrier boxes, and paper folders to screw binders and rubber stamps.
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We understand that when things come to printed marketing products, your business could use a lot of products. If you need professional commercial printing services in Singapore, we offer the best. We aim to deliver accurate, efficient, and affordable printing services. Our full-scale commercial printing in Singapore includes digital printing, offset printing, bookbinding services, and a personalized marketing print run.
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Our commercial printing in Singapore includes complete binding, fulfillment, and warehousing options, including seamless ordering. The Central Industries design, print, and promote your business as a brand with fully customizable commercial printing in Singapore.